Meet the Code4000 Team

Code4000 are a small team with members drawn from a range of professional backgrounds. Across the team, their is a wealth of expertise in supporting vulnerable and marginalised individuals, education, technology, and case-management, as well as experience working in custody.

Jim Taylor
Senior Operations Manager

Jim has worked for over a decade in the education sector, first as a teacher of ICT and then as a manager developing the pastoral and careers support service at a young offenders’ institution.

The Engagement & Resettlement Service he developed drove a huge increase in young people accessing education, training and employment opportunities upon release and a consequent decrease in those returning to custody. By pioneering bespoke support that continues into the community after release, the service has had a positive impact on the lives of some of the most disadvantaged young people in the country.

His interest in computing and coding goes as far back as the 1980s, programming BASIC on the family’s Commodore 64. It was this interest that inspired his move into teaching ICT where he put his technical skills to good use creating a suite of interactive learning resources for the school. The Senior Operations Manager role at Code4000 combines his passion for technology and his desire to support those in the criminal justice system into lives free of offending.

He is a qualified teacher with a specialism in ICT and holds degrees in both Applied Computing and Social Policy & Criminology.

As Senior Operations Manager, Jim is happy to discuss the Code4000 curriculum, volunteering, our outcomes and data reporting, and the overall Code4000 learning experience. He can be contacted at

Yasmin Elgouze
Regional coordinator

Yasmin joined Code4000 as the Regional Coordinator in April 2022. With a focus on case management and streamlining student support whilst on the programme and upon release.

Previously Yasmin has worked within the tech and inclusion landscape, supporting project management and the development of various programmes. It was here that she gained exposure to the importance of inclusion within the data science landscape and the broader tech sector.

During Yasmin’s time with Code4000 she has developed partnerships with industry leaders in tech and led the development of the UKs first Remote Code Reviews undertaken with prisons.

In addition to Yasmin’s project management experience, Yasmin holds a degree in Arabic and Law. She is excited to use her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in her work.

Neil Barnby
Academy Facilitator, HMP Humber

Neil Barnby has an Honours Degree in Mechatronics & Computing (Robotics) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education having graduated from Greenwich University.

In 1980 Neil helped set up Forum 80, the UK’s first public online access system, and was secretary of the Association of Free Public Access Systems. He then founded MonsterMaker, an internet hosting, design and training company, working for a number of blue chip clients.

Neil later left the business world and moved to teach in prisons. Whilst there he designed a new work area in the prison to create a business-like environment in order to reduce the risk of re-offending. This area was proven to settle restless prisoners as well as reduce re-offending, with 100% of its prisoner graduates obtaining full-time work or employment on release.

Neil is a winner of both the G4S International and UK & Ireland awards in 2012 for his work in prisons.

Having previously set up a similar project in the former Wolds prison, he is now taking the role of the first instructor for the Code 4000 pilot.

Stephen Allen
Academy Facilitator, HMP Holme House

A big welcome to Stephen, our new Classroom Facilitator at our second site, HMP Holme House. He started his career in 1998 working for his Family’s business in Electrical Retail before moving on to work in IT Support & Network Maintenance.

In 2003 he returned to education attending Teesside University to study Computer Game Programming but during his final year at University he got a temporay job at HMP Holme House where he has now worked for over 10 years.

During his time there he has been involved in several IT related projects including the installation, expansion and administration of the establishment’s Biometrics System and updated CCTV and Radio networks.

Stephen has spent the last 4 years working as the Printing and Reprographics Instructor at HMP Holme House before becoming involved in setting up the new Coding Workshop. We are so happy to have him in the Code4000 team and know he will do great things with the Holme House workshop.

Ilja Gonciarov
Academy Facilitator, HMP Wandsworth

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow University with a degree in Journalism, Ilja has worked in wide range of media publications across the UK and in Russia as an editor and journalist. Picked up his interest in tech while building a website for his print outlet as a client. Started his own coding exercises as a lockdown hobby in 2020 and joined Makers Academy tech bootcamp on June that year. After the intensive course of web development, he has completed some individual projects and got his first employment at Code4000.

As a recent career changer himself, Ilja feels solidarity with those who make their first steps into the new industry. While working as a journalist, he met people who evaded crime and drugs environment after getting support from social initiatives. He believes everyone should have a chance to change their life.

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